Land of Blue Bears
Independent Animation Company
Kids Safe


H.G. Wells "The Time Machine"

In Storybook animation


Alan Young (who played Filby in George Pal's 1960 classic)

Produced by

Birgitta Johansson

Directed by

Clyde Lucas

Artwork by Lukasz Rylko

Pirates of Crystal Cove

Written by
Derek Berry
Artwork by
Lukasz Rylko & Derek Berry


Ken Sansom as Ol' Blue sings

Land of Blue Bears theme

Ken Sansom is the voice of Rabbit in Disney's

"Winnie The Pooh Series"



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Who SAVES The Village?

Directed by
Fred Crippen
(Roger Ramjet & Sesame Street)
Produced by
Birgitta Johansson


Willie: The Singing Surfing Dinosaur artwork by Robert Ocon

Land of Blue Bears 2017 (c)